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Making an Impression with the Right Salon Chairs

Salon ChairsIn our present society, appearances can sometime be the most important asset. It’s no different for the beauty salon industry. In fact this industry revolves around this concept in order to get more business. If women value their appearance, they will spend more time and money at the salon. Therefore, it only makes sense that the salon reflects itself as a beacon of beauty and appearance. It would almost be hypocritical if the salon did not appear inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

In the beauty salon industry, the easiest way to ensure the best impression is made is actually through the chairs. The chairs that the beauty salon uses are where most of the interactions with clients occur. This means that the greatest impression on a customer is actually made by what they sit on while being pampered. The beauty salon chairs can speak for the entire atmosphere of the salon Therefore, it is important to understand the power the right chair has to increase business and sales.

Sometimes the easiest way to determine the right chairs for a salon is to reflect upon the salons atmosphere. If the chairs are the focal points, they must blend in with the rest of the surroundings. It is useless to have beautiful, comfortable salon chairs that don’t match the walls or other furniture. The clients will get the impression that the salon owner does not understand beauty, and therefore the employees may not understand it. This is why the one piece of advice that a beauty salon owner should not neglect is the furniture in their salon, most importantly the beauty salon chairs. 

Choosing the Best Salon Styling Chairs

Styling Salon ChairsAn important part of owning a salon is purchasing quality salon styling chairs. Safety, durability, and comfort are the most important features to look for when buying salon styling chairs. In addition, choose a style to match your salon decor, with material that is easy to clean. The simplest way to make the right selection is by checking our various categories of the different variety of chairs.

You’ll want to choose styling chairs that will make an attractive addition to your salon. While attractiveness is an important factor, client safety should be top priority. In addition, depending on how much you want to spend, you can choose styling chairs that are made from leather, or for a lesser priced option, vinyl. Both can be extremely durable when well cared for.

Choosing Shampoo Chairs for Your Beauty Salon

Best Saloon Shampoo ChairsBeauty salons that plan to offer hair styling services need shampoo chairs! Choosing the shampoo chairs that will work best in your beauty salon definitely requires some thought, especially considering the various bells and whistles that shampoo chairs feature nowadays. For instance, you may want to consider buying shampoo chairs with legrests. Many manufacturers make chairs with attached legrests that can be released with a button, lever, or even a remote. Chairs with legrests allow your clients to lay back and relax while their hair is shampooed, which makes the salon experience that much more enjoyable.

The shampoo chairs you choose for your beauty salon should also be waterproof and easy to clean. Vinyl is a good choice of material for shampoo chair upholstery; leather and cloth, on the other hand, should be avoided. How do the shampoo chairs fit in with the overall look of your beauty salon?

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Shampoo chairs are not strictly utilitarian; they should still complement your salon’s vibe, be it pretty, classic, funky or modern. And, finally, is the chair comfortable to sit in?  Making sure your clients enjoy their time at your salon is your number one priority, and all beauty salon chairs must aid in that relaxation and enjoyment.

Salon Chairs for Pedicures

Best Salon Pedicure ChairWhen a customer is deciding on where to get a pedicure, one of the first things they look at is the salon chair that is being used for the pedicure.  Spa chairs are the big trend in the world of pedicures and while they are a large expense, the amount of customers you will receive because of your spa equipment is worth the cost.  Many clients are willing to pay more for a spa pedicure experience and will forgo other salons in order to receive the best.  Spa chairs imply a higher quality of experience, from the level of cleanliness to the level of comfort.

Some Important considerations when choosing which spa pedicure chair to purchase:

Is it pipeless? Many salons use piped chairs but this is a mistake.  Water doesn’t always drain completely from the pipes, which leaves a ripe breeding ground for bacteria.  By choosing a pipeless pedicure chair, you are ensuring your customers the highest level of sanitation.  Not to mention, a pipeless chair is much less noisy than a piped chair, which has pumps and blowers.  With a pipeless chair you also provide a more peaceful experience for your clients.

Does it massage? Receiving a spa pedicure can be the most relaxing part of your client’s week.  It could be the way they unwind every week or a special treat they reward themselves with.  By providing a spa chair that has different levels of massage built into the chair, you make the experience even more luxurious.

Does it clean easily? Make sure to choose a chair that is upholstered with durable vinyl, as vinyl is known for its easy clean up. Remember that having a clean pedicure chair is one way to make sure clients return on a regular basis.

Is it plush? You want your salon equipment to look good and be comfortable. Choosing a pedicure chair that has a supple look and feel is going to translate as luxury to your clients. Pedicures are now the 6th most popular salon treatment and the reason for its popularity has everything to do with the customer’s need to feel pampered.  A plush, comfortable chair with a built-in massager is the way to pamper your clients.

How to Find Affordable Beauty Salon Chairs

Cheap Salon ChairsAffordable beauty salon chairs can be a lifesaver for a new salon owner looking to keep start-up costs low while establishing a client base, or for any beauty salon owner who wants to replace existing chairs while still keeping expenses to a minimum.

Don’t make the mistake of equating a big price tag with quality! Less expensive beauty salon chairs can easily be on par with their more costly counterparts – but where do you find beauty salon chairs at affordable prices? When it comes to finding beauty salon chairs that won’t break the bank, there are several options available to you.

Many standard salon equipment retailers offer used beauty salon chairs at discounted rates. Used equipment is an excellent option; it allows you to save money while still outfitting your salon with chairs made by respected manufacturers. Another way to find cheap beauty salon chairs is to buy in bulk. Many retailers will offer you a discount if you purchase a larger number of beauty salon chairs at once. Of course, this option may not be viable for owners of smaller, more intimate salons who only need a handful of chairs.

A third method of finding affordable beauty salon chairs – and perhaps the easiest way of all – is to look online. The Internet is a fantastic resource for finding used or discounted equipment for your salon; simply type what you’re looking for into a search engine, and scores of websites will pop up on your computer screen! Look for reputable sites like amazon that offer free or discounted shipping rates in order to make sure your beauty salon chairs will arrive quickly and at little additional cost to you. With these tips, you’re sure to find the affordable beauty salon chairs that you’re looking for in no time.

The Advantages of Hydraulic Beauty Salon Chairs

Hydraulic Beauty Salon ChairsThere are many different types of beauty salon chairs to choose from, but the hydraulic styling chair can’t be advantageous in terms of ease of use and versatility. Most contemporary salons and barbershops rely on their hydraulic chairs, and customers have come to accept them as the industry standard in beauty salon chairs. In fact, a salon that does not have hydraulic chairs may be seen as “behind the times” or outdated! Invest in quality hydraulic beauty salon chairs and put your clients at ease.

Children, for instance, will benefit greatly from sitting in a hydraulic beauty salon chair while having their hair cut. It can make the experience fun, memorable and far less stressful for both the stylist and the child.

Even if you don’t plan to cater to children specifically, other clients may benefit from the advantages of the hydraulic beauty salon chair. Shorter people and those will back or posture problems will love the ease with which a stylist can raise or lower their hydraulic chair, eliminating the potential embarrassment of having to use a booster seat or being asked to “sit up straight.”

Additionally, elderly clients will appreciate the comfort of a salon that acknowledges their needs by purchasing hydraulic beauty salon chairs instead of asking them to twist themselves into unnatural positions just to have a haircut.

Cater to the need of your customers and your stylists with hydraulic beauty salon chairs! Hydraulic chairs are a versatile, adaptable and indispensable addition to any salon.

Types of Beauty Salon Chairs

There are many different types of beauty salon chairs, each with its own special use. First and foremost, there are the chairs associated with hair care. Beauty salon chairs for use in hair salons may include styling chairs, which enable stylists to cut, color and set a client’s hair with ease; shampoo chairs, which are reclining chairs that allow a client to have their hair washed in comfort; and chairs that are outfitted with special hair dryer hoods.

Nails salons require chairs and stools for technicians to administer manicures and pedicures to clients, while other salons may need special reclining chairs with attached lamps and magnifying mirrors for facials.

Additionally, beauty salon chairs would be incomplete without mentioning the chairs in a salon’s waiting area. While they may seem inconsequential when compared to the salon’s more functional chairs, any woman will tell you that the reception area sets the tone for the entire salon, making comfortable, attractive chairs of utmost importance.

Don’t skimp on your beauty salon chairs! Above all else, customers value the sense of relaxation, tranquility and indulgence that accompanies a trip to the beauty salon, and they will be willing to pay more for a memorable, luxurious experience. Investing in the right beauty salon chairs upfront will increase your profits down the line.

Waiting Area Chairs for Your Salon

Waiting Reception Beauty Salon Chairs

Fashionable Waiting Chair for Beauty Salons

When your clients are waiting for their beauty appointment, the reception area is where they will be cooling their heels. Make sure your clients are comfortable and that your salon decor is in sync by choosing the best reception chairs for your space.

When looking for chairs for your waiting area, you have many choices and configurations that are available. You can choose to have all chairs, you can have a few couches, you could have a sofa and a few chairs – the combinations are only limited by the space in which they will take place. Providing a pleasant waiting area with comfortable chairs is sure to entice clientele to return.

What is freeing about waiting area salon chairs is that you can think outside of the box when it comes to manufacturers. You can choose to go through a beauty salon furniture supplier for your reception waiting chairs, or you can choose to visit your favorite furniture store to stock up on your specific needs. This is another area where you can save money when furnishing your space. Online stores like Amazon have variety of salon furniture that is affordable and fashionable.

Just remember to keep in mind the maintainability of your waiting area furniture. Often while waiting, a client will be offered coffee, tea or other beverages. You want to make sure that your reception furniture is going to stand up in the face of spills and soiling. If it is raining out, chances are that your waiting chairs will be a little damp from clients. Young children will often accompany their mothers to the beauty salon, and the possibility for soiling is limitless with children. These are all considerations to keep in mind when making your final decision on waiting area furniture. Overall, keep in mind that comfort, practicality and tone of space are all factors when purchasing chairs for your salon. Click here for amazing deals on all things salon chairs related.