Best Salon Shampoo Chairs

Salon Shampoo chair is a very important piece of furniture for every modern salon. Not just in the female hair dressing salon even the male barber shop also require salon shampoo chairs to cater to the service requirements of their customers.

Presently, Salon Shampoo Chairs are not just piece of furniture limited to just Salon for business purposes, it’s becoming more of a necessary piece of furnishing in every home, especially among rich house wives and hair style fanatics.

What are Salon Shampoo Chairs?

Salon Shampoo Chairs are important piece of furnishing (chairs) that is primarily used in the hair dressing salon for the purpose of washing of hair.

Although, they are becoming more popular in private homes as people (especially rich house wives) are beginning to see it as a very important piece of furniture around the home.

Whether or not they are important, their function is not restricted to just washing of hair as they have proven to be also very effective for proper hair styling and ensuring that the user is as comfortable as possible throughout the entire hair washing or styling experience.

Types of Salon Shampoo Chair

There are mainly two type of salon chair, the single unit (which comes with just the chair and no back wash bowl) and the back wash shampoo unit ( which comes with a back wash shampoo bowl fitted to it).

Although more expensive than the single unit, the back wash salon shampoo chair is better because it comes with a fitted shampoo bowl which makes washing of hair a more exciting experience.

Why are Salon Shampoo Chairs Important?

It is true that washing of hair can be done without the use of a Salon Shampoo Chair but for a more thorough, comfortable and perfect hair washing experience the use of a Salon Shampoo Chair is highly recommended.

The Salon Shampoo Chair was designed to make washing of hair a lot easier and interesting to do, all that is required is to just sit down and rest your head backwards, majority comes with soft cushioned chairs for a better relaxation and washing experience.

Best Salon Shampoo Chairs: Things to Look Out for When Purchasing

It’s common knowledge that except you are a manufacturer, distributor or marketer of a product, there is the probability that you may not actually know the right features to look out for in that particular product.

When purchasing a Salon Shampoo Chair there are checklist of things to look out for first before agreeing to part away with your hard end money. Here are a checklist of things to look out for when in the market for a Salon Shampoo Chair.

  • Comfort.

The first thing to look out for when purchasing a Salon Shampoo Chair is whether or not it is comfortable on the back. Ensure that the chair is properly cushioned with foam to make it easier for you to relax while washing your hair.

  • Adjustability.

A Salon Shampoo chair that cannot be adjusted ( easily reclined to suit any sitting or lying position), is not suitable for purchase. Ensure to be on the look out for products that comes with different reclining position for more options that better guarantee comfort.

  • Durability.

Be on the look out for products that are durable and can perform it’s function over a long period of time, without packing up. All that’s required is occasional maintenance to ensure smooth operation of the components.

  • Assembling.

There is no advantage in purchasing a unit that requires technical assistance in setting up, that would mean getting a technician or a handy man whenever you need to use the Salon Shampoo Chair. Go for products with components that are easy to assemble.

  • Maintenance.

Be on the look out for units that can easily be maintained. In most cases after each operation it’s required to clean and rinse sinks and bowls and also units that come with chrome or wooden arm rest are more suitable because they are easier to clean and maintain.

  • Proper Drainage System.

Make sure that you check for brands that come with a drainage system which usually comes with sinks and wall or floor plumbing connection options for a smooth and neat washing process.

Best Salon Shampoo Chairs (Review)

With all the different brands of Salon products to pick from, one can easily get confused with the product that will meet all the criteria above while giving you value for your hard earned cash.

It wouldn’t be easy trying to pick through the numerous brands of Salon Shampoo chairs out there, but we have taken the liberty to recommend Salon Shampoo Chairs that will be able to guarantee true value for your money based on the criteria such as product features, pricing, buyer opinions, durability, and ease of use.

Here are the Salon Shampoo Chairs we recommend.

1. Homedex Salon Back wash Bowl Shampoo Barber Chair Sink Spa Equipment Station Unit (Basic)

The Homedex Salon Back wash Bowl, which is also ideal for the male barber shop, with high density foam seats, reclining back rest and rubber headrest  that ensure you are comfortable all through the washing experience. It comes equipped with simple shampoo bowls, double choice drains and spray hose with shower nozzles.

What We Like.

  • It can also be used in the barber shop for washing purposes because of its sleek design.
  • The soft cushioned high density foam seat and back is guaranteed to deliver comfort throughout the washing experience.
  • The double choice drain for downward or backward drainage is a plus for effective drainage during washing procedures.
  • Comes with a double reinforced saddles sticking which prevents ripping and tear which further guarantees durability on the long run.
  • Equipped with a simple and practical bowl for added durability and ease of use.
  • The reclining back rest and rubber head rest guarantees comfort during washing procedures and also makes it easy to assume any washing position.
  • Comes with an easy to understand and set up instruction manual no need for hired help.
  • Spray hose and shower nozzle with chrome concentrate adjustable sprayer for effective washing.
  • The entire unit is easy to clean and maintain.

What We Dislike.

  • Product doesn’t come with a ceramic bowl as most customers prefer ceramic bowls.

2. Icarus “Monroe” Black Beauty Salon Back Wash Chair and Sink Bowl Back wash Unit.

The Icarus “Monroe” is equipped with exquisite function that boast of modern styling with plenty of room to stretch your legs. With a soft vinyl upholstery and arm rest to guarantee comfort. The sit backs into a wide tilt able bowl with a durable and easily adjustable rubber spray hose and faucet to further guarantee comfort.

What We Like.

  • The stylish chrome arm rest and chrome lever for padded foot rest that ensure comfort.
  • Adjustable tilt bowl for extra comfort for a better washing experience.
  • Ability to connect to plumbing through wall and floor for option of downward and backward drainage connection.
  • Modern styling with plenty of room to stretch legs for more comfort.
  • Easily adjustable chrome faucet and rubber spray hose that turns an ordinary hair wash into a clean and sleek experience.

What We Dislike.

  • Neck rest is a tit bit narrow and hard and can be uncomfortable during hair wash.
  • Leg rest wasn’t design to support people with overweight.

3. Erfect Back Wash Chair Salon Bowl Shampoo Equipment Sink Unit Double Drain Beauty Stylist Station.

The Erfect Back Wash Chair is a high quality Shampoo Back wash unit which is easy to set up, with high quality plastic sink that is highly durable stylish and easy to clean after each use. The chair which is covered in leather upholstery and a wide classic reclining back rest for added comfort and a exciting hair wash experience.

What We Like

  • Easy to set up back wash unit and hardware for a fully functional Salon Shampoo Station.
  • High quality plastic sink that’s incredibly durable, stylish and easy to clean after each use.
  • Leather covered upholstery with wide classic reclining back rest which allows for a comfortable hair wash.
  • Shampoo back wash set which comes with a shampoo bowl, chrome faucet and a gel neck rest for added comfort during hair wash.
  • Adjustable tilt bowl for added comfort during hair wash.

What We Dislike.

  • Product is a bit small and people who are over 6 feet tall would have to squeeze in thereby finding difficulty feeling comfortable in the Chair.

4. New LCL Beauty Shampoo Back wash Station.

This LCL Salon Shampoo Chair comes with a fully equipped, easy to set up fully functional Salon Shampoo Station. The Chair comes with a stylish cross-hatch stitching and a big size shampoo bowl fully equipped with chrome fixtures, a vacuum breaker, a spray hose, and a free gel head rest for a comfortable hair wash.

What We Like.

  • Easy to set up Back wash unit for a fully functional Salon Shampoo Station.
  • Euro Cut Chair with a stylish cross hatch stitching.
  • Over sized Shampoo Bowl equipped with chrome fixtures, a vacuum breaker, a spray hose and a free comfort neck rest.
  • Chair is fastened to the back wash frame so no problems with sliding it trying to get the proper fitting, the only adjustments is with the easy-tilt bowl.
  • Comes with 4 spray hose for added convenience.

What We Dislike.

  • The plastic plumbing pipe that comes with it is too thin and after a while begins to leak.



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