Cheap All Purpose Salon Chairs

All purpose salon chair are undoubtedly important piece of equipment for any salon where procedures such as hair cut, hair styling, facial treatment, shampoo, and tattoo is performed. In addition to improving the overall aesthetics of the salon they also serve as a means for customers to sit relaxed during any of these procedures.

What are All Purpose Salon Chairs?

All purpose salon chairs are piece of furnishing (chair) usually found on the floor of a beauty salon for the primary purpose to accommodate customers during a salon procedure.

Their stylish design makes it an addition to the aesthetics of the salon while still performing it main function which is to serve as a means for customers to sit on during a salon procedure.

Their ability to perfectly perform multi task is in their design, top brands come with a sturdy base that supports weight distribution and components that can be adjusted to suit any purpose.

Types Of Cheap All Purpose Salon Chairs.

The major distinguishing factor in the major brands of all purpose salon chairs is in the design. Some brands come with a stainless steel frame with a hydraulic adjustable height while others come with a heavy duty steel frame and heavy duty hydraulic pump for height adjustment.

The heavy duty steel frame is more expensive than the stainless steel frame due to the extensive use of materials in the design, however, with proper handling and regular maintenance they both can perform their functions over a long period of time.

Why are Cheap All Purpose Salon Chairs Important?

The importance of all purpose salon chair in every salon cannot be overemphasized. The all purpose salon chair can be used in the salon to perform multiple procedures such as hair cut, hair wash, facial treatment, hair styling, and tattoo services.

The all purpose salon chair takes away the need to purchase a single chair to perform these individual procedures. Thereby saving you the additional expenses that would have been spent on purchasing and maintaining these individual units.

Best Cheap All Purpose Salon Chairs: Things To Look Out For When Purchasing.

Except you have an eye for quality products due to your extensive knowledge on market research and product analysis, then it is understandable to get confused when looking to purchase any product in the open market especially one that will be of true value for your money.

Looking to purchase an all purpose salon chair that will not cost much, then here are some important features to look out for.

  • Comfort

The first thing to look out for when purchasing an all purpose Salon Chair is if it is actually comfortable on the back. products that are made from soft cushioned leather or PVC nylon are highly recommended because they make it easier for customers to relax while performing any procedure.

  • Adjustability

An all purpose  Salon chair that cannot be easily adjusted ( easily reclined or detachable to suit any desired procedure ), is not suitable for purchase. Endeavor to be on the look out for products that are not complicated to use.

  • Durability

Be on the look out for products that are sturdy for proper weight distribution so as to guarantee durability and ability to perform it’s function over a long period of time, without packing up. Chairs with frames made from heavy duty steel or stainless steel are highly recommended.

  • Ease Of Use

There is no advantage in purchasing a unit that requires technical assistance in setting up, that would mean getting a technician or a handy man whenever you need to use the all purpose salon chair. Go for products with components that are easy to use and assemble.

  • Maintenance

Be on the look out for units that can easily be maintained. In most cases after each operation it’s important to clean and rinse sinks and bowls and also units with arm rest made from wood or chrome materials are more suitable because they are easier to clean and maintain.

Cheap All Purpose Salon Chair (Review)

Given the numerous brands of all purpose salon chair in the market it is easy especially for a first timer to get confused on which chair to pick that will meet all the specifications outlined while on a tight budget.

We have put together a list of all purpose salon chair that we highly recommend, using factors such as pricing, customer rating, customer review, and design specification here are the cheapest all purpose salon chairs we recommend.

1. LCL Beauty Reclining Hydraulic All Purpose Cutting And Shampoo Barber Salon Chair

This reclining all purpose chair is a low cost chair with design specification to make your salon stand out making it perfect for customer comfort and satisfaction. The chair can be used as a styling or barber chair. Release the manually controlled gas piston to be able to recline the back rest for easy and fast shampoo services without having to move to another station. The extra wide seats allows for more comfort.

Cheap All Purpose Salon Chair

What We Like

  • Easily assembled, in fact a first timer can do it under 20 minutes.
  • Comes with a complimentary free deluxe cape and chair cover.
  • Fully reclining back rest that can be adjusted to multiple locking position with the help of a gas-piston release mechanism making it possible for customers to adopt a sitting or sleeping position during as salon procedure.
  • Comes with a slim line hydraulic pump with a 24″ round base which makes it easy to adjust the height to suit tall or short clients.
  •  Polyurethane arms offer durability and make it easy to maintain.
  • Comes with a 4″ thick high density foam on its extra wide seat for added comfort.

What We Dislike.

  • Foot rest wasn’t properly designed to accommodate people with long legs thus making it uncomfortable for tall clients.
  • The depth of the chair may become uncomfortable after a long time on the chair.

2. BestSalon New Black Hydraulic Recline All Purpose Barber Styling Shampoo Chair

This top notch high quality salon chair is a great value for money. With design specification guaranteed to meet customers comfort and relaxation making it a perfect fit for any salon procedure. The steel frame allows for even weight distribution making it possible to accommodate overweight customers.

What we like

  • Heavy duty steel frame and premium chrome round base that allows for even weight distribution.
  • Heavy duty hydraulic pump that makes it easier to make height adjustments.
  •  Double reinforced seat saddle sticking that prevent ripping and tearing guaranteed to last a long time.
  • High density foam cushioned seat that allows for added comfort for clients.
  • Reclining back seat that can be recline up to 150 degrees and adjustable head rest 3″ pad for extra comfort of clients.

What We Dislike

  • Clients who are shorter than 5’4 may find it difficult adjusting to the height.

3. BestSalon All Purpose Hydraulic Recline Barber Shampoo Chair

This high quality all purpose salon chair is perfect if you are on a tight budget. With its top notch stylish design which adds to the overall aesthetic of your beauty salon. The soft cushioned leather seats makes it possible for customers to sit comfortably for a long time without experiencing back or waist ache.

What we like

  • Heavy duty steel frame capable of supporting overweight customers.
  • Heavy duty hydraulic pump which allows for easy height adjustment to better accommodate taller clients.
  • Stylish design and double reinforced saddle sticking which prevents ripping and tearing which allows for easy maintenance and guarantees durability.
  • High density cushioned foam seats that makes it comfortable for clients to seat on for any salon procedure.
  • Reclining back seat up to 150 degrees for added comfort during any salon procedure.
  • 4″ padded headrest for extra comfort.

What We Dislike

  • Chair is too heavy and once assembled becomes difficult to move around.
  • The rubber foot rest has a foul smell and need to be aired out to reduce the smell.

4. Omwah All Purpose Hydraulic Barber Chair Recline Salon Beauty Styling Chair

The design of this chair makes it a positive addition to any beauty salon, with design specification and features of a long lasting chair this low cost stylish chair is guaranteed to offer good value for your money. With an Hydraulic mechanism makes it easy to adjust the height to better accommodate short or tall clients.

Best Beauty Salon CHairs

What we like

  • Stainless steel frame which makes the chair sturdy and also for even weight distribution.
  • Hydraulic pump which locks in position to avoid unwanted movements.
  • Hydraulic adjustable height by means of lever for easy adjustment to accommodate taller clients.
  • Wide inside seats with length of 18″ and width of 20″ which makes for extra room for movements within the seat.
  • Double reinforced saddle seating which prevents it from tearing for easy maintenance and guarantees durability.
  • High density cushioned foam for extreme comfort and satisfaction.
  • 4″ head rest for maximum comfort.

What we dislike

  • With time the chair begins to make an unpleasant noise once the customer seats on it, in some cases even right after purchase.
  • The hydraulic seats do not pump up as far as may be required which can make it uncomfortable for some procedures.

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